Decorative handmade ceramic art tile by Earth Song Tiles

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handmade decorative ceramic art tile

We, Shannon & John Gresham at Earth Song Tiles have been designing, carving and  producing a unique selection of high quality decorative and plain ceramic tile for homes and businesses world wide since 1996. Each tile is made to order and hand decorated to your personal specifications,   our extensive line of designs, colors and finishes provides a wide array of design possibilities... direct from the artist to you.
Most of the feature tiles have a notch in the back so they can also hang on their own as artwork.
The beauty and durability of our handmade ceramic tiles will turn any space in your home  into a wonderfully unique and functional work of art.

We are currently undergoing a transition brought on by a sudden shortage of talc in North America, a key ingredient in the clay we have used for over 20
years, which is now unavailable. Having been unable to find an appropriate white firing clay body to replace it, we've made the decision to move into a native buff colored stoneware clay. This will change some of the look and colors of our work. We are now just at the beginning stage of getting samples and color tests done, If all goes well we should have something to show within a few weeks and be back into production shortly after that.

Earth Song tiles are made using non toxic, lead free materials produced in Canada or the USA.
  Your tiles will be carefully packaged for shipping with reused and recycled material.
If anything arrives damaged we will personally replace it free of charge.

All the images on this web site are the copyright of  Earth Song Studio