Earth Song Tiles, designing your handmade tile project

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If you would like us to help you design your tile project please e-mail
 as much of the following information as you can, the more details the better. 
We are happy to provide an hour of free consultation and design work, additional time is $40.00 an hour.
Color is the last part of the process, so once there is a design figured out we can work on color while the tiles are being made and drying.  Many of our clients mail samples or e-mail photos of paint chips, counter tops, cabinets etc. that they would like the tiles to go with, we can make suggestions for ordering color samples based on those.

If you have designed your own project and would like a price quote  let us know exactly what you need and where they're being shipped to, we'll get back to you with an approximate delivery time along with the cost including a shipping estimate.