Earth Song Tiles: Handmade plain ceramic tile

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Our plain or field tile is 3/8" thick, hand cut from earthenware clay
and made to order in standard or custom sizes and shapes.
The decorating style and colors can be completely customized to suit your project.

Any edges can be finished or bull nosed and we do custom liner profiles as well.

Please read the tile ordering information before placing your order.

There is a link at the bottom of the page to view your cart contents

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plain ceramic tilesubway tile

3 - 6 inch square or rectangular field tile $34.00 square foot 

Color choice
Please choose size

ceramic tile

 1x1 field tile $2.00 each

There is a minimum of 10 tiles per color

Color choice

ceramic tile

2x2 field tile  $3.00 each

There is a minimum of 8 tiles per color

Color choice


Stone textured mix of 4x4, 4x2 and 2x2 field tile $38.00 square foot

Color choice

ceramic tile

4x1 liner tile top edge finished $4.00 each

minimum of 6 tiles per color

Color choice

ceramic tileceramic tile

6x1 half round capping tile fluted or plain  $8.50 each

Color choice
Please select