Earth Song Tiles: Handmade decorative ceramic tile Installations

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Here are some of the installations done with Earth Song tiles.
It would be great to travel the world and take pictures, but...
Thank you very much to all our customers who have sent us
a picture of their finished tile projects, we really appreciate it!

decorative tile set
Handpainted orange tree set with a custom half round border done in nut brown gloss and 4x4 plain tile on  point done in River stone gloss.

Celtic tile set
18 x 30 Claddagh set done in honey gloss with customers border and field tile.

decorative ceramic tile set
Hearth featuring the half round dragon #1 and 6x1.5 Celtic knot border done in black gloss along with custom shaped field tile in smokey black gloss

decorative ceramic tile installation
22x22 Celtic set, borders and 3x3 Celtic accents with 4x4 field tile all done in river stone gloss.

Tree of life tile set
Three piece tree set done in parchment gloss with  3x6 subway tile in bone gloss.

Celtic ceramic tile fireplace
Fireplace with 8x8 Celtic knot, 3x6 Celtic border  and 1.5x1.5 Celtic knot accents in taupe gloss,
with 3x3 field tile in parchment gloss.

celtic tile backsplash
22x22 Celtic set and Celtic eagle border tile done in black gloss and smokey black gloss

decorative ceramic tile
Celtic tripple horse tile done in metallic antique pewter.

6x6 Celtic tree done in foliage green gloss.

6 x 6 Celtic tree & 3 x 3 Celtic heart  tile accents done in mocha cream gloss

Celtic eagle border done in river stone gloss

4x4 Celtic knots and field tile done in rusty brown gloss

18x30 Celtic Claddagh set and 6x6 Celtic tree. The carved pieces are done in brown gloss  and mocha cream gloss,
the plain tiles in the set are done in metallic antique brass  (the antique brass  is no longer available)

Round Celtic deer knot and Celtic 2x2 knot done in brown gloss

30x30 29 piece Celtic set done in metallic green (this color is no longer available) and custom colored 6x6 field tile.

ceramic tileceramic tiles
Bluegrass green gloss 2x2 moon and sun accent tiles in stair risers.
handmade ceramic tiles
ceramic tile set
30 x 30 Celtic floor inset done in bluegrass green gloss

handmade floral ceramic tiledecorative ceramic tile
9x12 hand painted flower pot tile with custom half round border frame done in solid dark olive gloss

ceramic tile tableceramic tile table
Custom arts & crafts plant stand hand crafted by desert craftsmen
Inset 12x12 tiles done in mocha cream gloss

Custom set done in black gloss and mocha cream gloss with custom shaped border in glossy deep black.

tile bathroom
Backsplash done in antique brass, deep blue gloss and bluegrass green gloss
Custom shaped counter tiles with bullnosed edge and Celtic border tile done in antique brass 

decorative ceramic tile fireplace
Both the field tile and accents in this fireplace are done in mocha cream gloss
The raven is handpainted in black underglaze with the mocha cream gloss finish.

decorative ceramic tile
The raven is done in black underglaze with mocha cream gloss. The border of the raven tile was removed when
it was made to better fit the space.

decorative ceramic tile
Mosaic tiles in mocha cream 

tile set
tile set
These feature tiles are done in customized River stone gloss glaze.

Parchment gloss field tile and accents with deer and dragon feature set done in river stone gloss.

Custom  handpainted floor set

decorative ceramic tile instalation
Flowerpot with hunter green gloss border set in Old copper matte 4x4 plain tile,
leaf and flower border with hunter green 2" plain tile and  select assorted colors of plain counter tile.

raven tile
4"x4" old copper matte plain tiles, 1"x4" hunter green capping tile with the raven perched on top.

Custom painted orange tree set with 4x4 old copper matte field tiles set on point

decorative ceramic tile fireplacedecorative ceramic tile
Celtic tree of life set done in metallic green
decorative ceramic tiledecorative ceramic tile

Plain tile and  top capping tiles are done in evening shadow gloss carved tiles are in metallic green.

Custom tile panels for a antique Scottish fireplace done in black underglaze with a charcoal gloss finish

decorative ceramic kitchen tile
Mocha cream set  with Celtic border and accents.

decorative ceramic tiledecorative ceramic tile

decorative ceramic backsplash tiledecorative ceramic tile
Floral tiles done in mid green , white, burgundy, lavender, rose and yellow with greytone background.
Field tile is grey speckle.

decorative ceramic kitchen tile
Celtic set made to fit space and 6x6 field with 1/2 round border on edge done in honey gloss

decorative ceramic fountain tile
The green woman sculpture has been modified as a fountain head.
If you look carefully you can see the blue iris tiles behind the greenery.

decorative ceramic tile

decorative ceramic bathroom tile

decorative ceramic tile
4x4 shamrock tiles done in bluegrass green.

decorative ceramic tile

  decorative ceramic tile
This field tile in this installation is a custom color done to match the counter and the carved accent
tiles are done in a cobalt blue gloss


  decorative ceramic kitchen tile
These plain tiles are also done in a custom color and the eagle knot border tile is done in teal gloss


  decorative ceramic tile

  decorative ceramic tile
Carved swan and heron tiles done in a custom color to match clients field tile.



decorative ceramic tile
This 30"x30" Celtic set is done in purple gloss

decorative ceramic fireplace tiles
Bottle green gloss field tile with Celtic tile accents done in everglade green gloss.

decorative ceramic tiles
A white plain tile with 4x4 Celtic accents done in black gloss

Custom  Celtic set done in cobalt blue gloss and midnight blue gloss

decorative ceramic tile table
All the tiles in this table are

done in blueHand made ceramic tile

grass green gloss

.decorative ceramic tile

handmade ceramic tile

More decorative tile installation examples