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We have a very wide range of color options, accurate pictures are hard to get, the colors can look very different
on  various screens, in different lighting situations and can even be affected by the colors around them.
This is why we highly recommend ordering color samples before you finalize the glaze for your project.
Some of our colors are done with glazes that cover the whole tile, pooling darker in the recesses
 of the carved tiles to create an overall color with subtle contrast.
Other colors are done with underglaze and a transparent gloss glaze finish.
Typically with these colors underglaze is applied to the tile and then wiped off leaving color in the recesses
of the carving with the off white of the clay on the raised parts creating a high contrast effect,
plain tiles done this way will be mainly off white with just a hint of color.  
There is an option with these colors to have the underglaze applied darker as shown on the top part of the samples,
this can be done on both the raised portion of the carved tiles and on plain tiles.
Many of our sets that have both carved and plain tile in them are ordered with the carved pieces done
in the contrasting wiped off version and the plain tiles done in the mottled darker technique.
The finish of the colors is not interchangable, colors that say gloss, GL or UG are only available in gloss,
and colors that say matte are only available as such.

All the products we use are produced in the USA or Canada and are non toxic & lead free.

Color samples $4.50ea.
Color choice

                                                             Brown tone background                                        Grey tone background

 Regardless of color and decorating style, there will be color and surface variation from one tile to another.
These variations are an inherent part of handmade tiles that makes them beautifully unique and interesting.
Finished orders may not exactly match color samples.

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